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We are a full-service real estate agency in Northwestern Wayne County, South Oakland County, and Washtenaw County. Our experienced and licensed brokers specialize in the purchase, sale and rental of residential property, striving to satisfy all of your realty needs in a timely and flexible manner. We guarantee dedicated service and personal attention to your requests, from the first contact to the signing of your purchase or rental agreement and beyond.


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Company History

We’re NOT your typical real estate firm……


In 2006 Trademark Professionals was born as a network of skilled business professionals specializing in all aspects of buying, selling, managing, improving and financing real estate. This network works together to maximize profitability while reducing unnecessary costs commonly passed on to consumers.


Trademark Professionals’ success and the owners desire to offer additional value and services to their clients, prompted them to expand their network from solely the Real Estate Brokerage, Trademark Real Estate Group, Inc., to a conglomerate of associated businesses with tenured professionals at the helm.


After analyzing relocation and lending fees, the owners recognized that by drawing upon the combined experiences of a network of seasoned real estate, mortgage, tax, accounting, legal, title, and financial planning professionals, they could save customers money without compromising quality.


Most professionals in the industry can say this, right? 


Well, the differentiator is WHO we select.  Trademark Real Estate Group, Inc., for example, has agents who are seasoned business professionals who extend their offerings to include real estate services.  What you get is an educated and polished professional who provides advice based on multiple avenues of consideration.  Our agents do what’s right, not what’s easy.  Sometimes that means advising against a purchase or sale.  Commissions are earned only when the client’s best interests are covered. 


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Why use an independent or regional brokerage?


Consumers reason that large companies offer better deals. Many times that is true, but in real estate and lending that’s not always the case. Example:  all mortgage lenders are subject to the same rates. Lenders differ by how they structure loans. Large companies often pass heavy franchise fees, costly commission splits, and significant operational expenses on to the consumer.


Consumers are trained to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. When looking for a mortgage broker or real estate professional, they naturally shop rates thinking this will give them a concrete comparison of the services offered. However, the closing costs and listing fees of various entities are often what determine the actual savings passed on to consumers.


Competitive Advantage


The “Trademark Advantage,” comes from a having a group of seasoned professionals who know exactly how to leverage their experience and resources to generate unique financial and real estate solutions for clients. Customers get all of the quality, experience, and professional service of a large corporation without having to pay for all of the unnecessary costs.

The low overhead of a lean organization, the staff's proven experience and longevity in the industry, and the group's commitment to relationship building ensures that Trademark Professional's clients get the best service possible.  The goal is to keep things simple and eliminate all of the bells and whistles consumers pay for without receiving any benefits.


Trademark Professionals offers the best of both worlds because clients receive the individualized attention and unique cost-effective services of a streamlined company without having to sacrifice quality. In short, clients receive top notch service without having to pay costly commission splits, heavy franchise fees to a national partner, and hefty overhead costs associated with generating leads.


CEO - Trademark Professionals

January 2006 – Present


Trademark Real Estate Group, Inc., (TREG) is solely owned and operated by Mr. White. Trademark Real Estate Group was formed in 2004 and has grown into an extensive real estate investment firm where Mr. White provides 15 years of lending and real estate experience to his clients. TREG counsels consumers on the uses of primary and secondary (investment) homeownership, and through strategic lending partners, provides financing for their clients. To date, Mr. White and TREG has helped thousands realize their financial goals through investing in real estate.

In addition to real estate counseling, Mr. White also serves as a consultant to small and medium size business owners. Mr. White’s clients range from 9MM companies, independent business owners, to highly successful sales professionals who seek his services as an independent coach...More



"To offer individually tailored, high quality financing options at competitive rates using a network of seasoned real estate and financial professionals."

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